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☑️ Start bookkeeping 'afresh'
☑️ Start bookkeeping 'afresh'

Define from when you want to start preparing payables with the new "Start bookkeeping afresh" feature!

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Follow these steps for a brand-new bookkeeping experience!

Access to the feature

You now can select a date from which payables are going to be hidden on the Prepare tab. This enables you to define a date from which you can start with your bookkeeping on Spendesk.

We crafted this feature especially for all our users that did not do their bookkeeping on Spendesk before and who have many payables in Bookkeep>Prepare that were already exported outside the bookkeeping workflow on Spendesk.

Now it is possible to hide all these old payables so that you can start to use the bookkeeping workflows on Spendesk:

  1. Set up or check your accounting settings.

  2. Choose the start date of your bookkeeping.

  3. Prepare your monthly closing over Bookkeep>Prepare.

  4. Export the prepared payables for your monthly closing from Bookkeep>Export.

You can access this new functionality over Settings>Accounting>Bookkeeping date (see screenshot).

Impact on the interface & export files

Bookkeep>Prepare tab:

When you select a date for which payables should be hidden then all payables from this specific date are going to hidden from the Bookkeep>Prepare tab. Example: If I select 31.12.2020, then all the payables before 31.12.2020 are going to be hidden.

Spendesk accounting export - purchase journal and bank journal:

After hiding payables in the Bookkeep>Prepare tab these payables are not available to "mark as ready" and therefore can not be exported in the purchase journal.

Keep in mind: Hiding payables means that the corresponding payments are also not shown in the bank journal.

If you want to check your account balances for a period that you decided to hide, we advise you to check your account statements over Settings>Your wallet>Account statements.

All payables page:

You will still see the whole history of payables - even if you decided to hide some from a specific date.

By checking the new bookkeeping status you can understand which of the payables were hidden and which not. Hidden payables will have the simple wording "hidden" behind the bookkeeping status of a payable (e.g. To prepare (hidden)).

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