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🔢 Budgets
🔢 Set up and edit your budgets
🔢 Set up and edit your budgets

Define a budget name, amount and edit a budget.

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Who can set up / edit budgets?

➡️ The account owner ✅

➡️ Controllers ✅

➡️ Administrators ❌

➡️ Requesters ❌

On Spendesk, you can set up Budgets and sub-budgets.

Note that for now, it's not possible to set up an extra level of sub-budgets.

To set up a budget, go to the Settings > Budgets tab.

Before setting up a budget, be sure to have created your cost centers (details here) and your expense categories (details here).

Then be sure to create your Budgetary period as indicated here.

If you have already set up your first budgets, please click here to see how to edit them.

Set up a budget

1. Click on "Import my budgets"

On the Settings > Budgets page, you will be able to see the list of all the cost centers you have set up before. On the top of this page, you can see an insert explaining that you can import your budgets. Click on "Import my budgets".

A new window like the following will open:

2. Download you custom template and fill it

You can click on the button "Download the template". A file with the .xlsx format will be downloaded on your computer.

Open that file with the software you are used to work on your budgets: Excel or Google spreadsheets and start filling the file.

The file will look like this but with your own Spendesk data (cost centers and expense categories data you provided in the product):

You will be able to see:

  • A tab per cost center

  • All your expense categories in each tab

  • Either multiple columns for the months or only one column for the overall amount of the period (depending on what you have set up in your budgetary period)

    The value "0.00" is where you can edit numbers.

Using budgets or budgets + sub-budgets?

  • If you want budgets AND sub-budgets: please fill the corresponding sub-budgets (without tax) on the lines of your expense categories as below (the line of the cost center budget will be automatically computed through a sum).

  • If you only want budgets but no sub-budgets: please only fill the "Cost center Budget" line with your budgets and leave 0.00 everywhere else, as below.

⚠️ Here are the guidelines to follow to fill the import the file with no incident

  • Don't edit ❌ the names of the tabs

  • Don't add ❌ or delete any tab

  • Don't edit ❌the first column

  • Don't edit ❌ the name of your expense categories (if you have any)

  • ONLY edit the numbers where you see "0.00" to add your own budgets amounts

  • The line "Cost center budget" must always be equal or above the sum of the sub-budgets lines.

3. Upload the file into Spendesk 🚀

Once you're done with filling, make sure to save your edits and to keep the same format that we provided.

Go back to Spendesk interface and choose the file to import, then click on "Start the import".

If you correctly filled the file, you should end up with a success message and all your budgets set up into Spendesk, like this:

If you see any error, read carefully the messages it contains and try it again.

Edit your budgets

👉 Just click on "Update budgets". You can download your custom template again and fill it before importing it (cf. steps 2 and 3 above).

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