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🔄 3DS common issues

You will learn all about dealing with 3DS verification issues.

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On Desktop

3DS pop-up window not opening

Make sure to disable your AdBlock or any similar extension before you attempt a payment.

Make sure to disable your VPN.

On mobile (via SMS)

Code not received

🚨 Make sure your phone number is filled in and correct in your Avatar > My Profile page before trying a payment with 3DS security. Otherwise, you will not be able to receive the code.

You also need the time of your mobile device to be set to "AUTOMATIC" and therefore not manual.

It may happen that the code takes a while to arrive or that you don't receive it.

To start, you can click on "Send a new code".

If this does not work, you should try switching your phone off and on again.

If the code has still not arrived on your phone, please contact our team via chat with :

-✆ the name of your mobile network provider (example: Vodafone, EE)

-⛳️ Geographical location

Some network providers are not yet supported by our confirmation code sending partner. Therefore, we will do our best once we have the name of your provider to support it.

Code received late

Turning your phone off and on should do the trick. If this happens every time, please feel free to send a message to our support team. We will do our best to contact our partner and investigate. It may be that your network provider is involved and not supported by our partner, which we will check, or that your phone is not set to 'automatic' date and time.

Code/Text message sent although the payment is recurring

If you are using a recurring card, our banking partner has applied a threshold. After the 1st payment and above 500€, even if the merchant has requested an exemption of 3DS for recurring payments, they can be declined if the user doesn't confirm via 3DS.

On the mobile app (by notification then validation)

💡 If you see the "Notification sent" screen on the desktop but do not receive the notification:

  • you can open the app and authenticate yourself: if there is an "action in progress" on your account, it will be displayed automatically.

  • check if notifications are allowed for the Spendesk app in your operating system settings, then try logging in again once enabled.

→ If none of this has worked, please delete / reinstall the app and it should fix the issue.

NB: a user can only have one device (phone) registered at a time.

Revert to SMS verification if you're on mobile app verification

You can't, unfortunately 🙏 😞 .This new 2-factor authentication is more secure than SMS OTPs (which can be more easily hacked), and is now mandatory following PSD2 regulations in Europe. Every European banking service must implement this new verification process.

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