Our Spendesk-Xero integration (on Bookkeep 2.0) VS competitors'

Why our Xero integration will be a time saver for your teams.

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🙌 Spendesk's Xero integration allows accrual accounting and automatic reconciliation, which makes it a huge time saver, avoiding manual errors.

Competitors <> Xero

  • Competitors' native integrations with Xero only give the possibility to export bank feeds (aka 'bank statements' or 'account statements') with receipts to Xero.

  • Customers have to manually add chart of accounts information within Xero and manually do the reconciliation one payment at a time.

    This process comes with a huge amount of manual actions and makes it almost impossible to do accrual accounting.

Spendesk's Xero native integration

  • Spendesk's native integration with Xero on Bookkeep 2.0 gives the possibility to export purchases regardless of their payment status in order to create bills, including chart of accounts information in Xero. Spendesk then automatically updates bills' payment status and creates the related payments with automatic reconciliation within Xero.

    This process dramatically reduces manual actions for our customers: no time wasted, no manual errors. It also gives the possibility to do accrual accounting in order to have a better overview over company's debts.

    For further questions, contact our support teams or your billing manager.

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