If some of your purchases fail to export, you should navigate the tab Bookkeep > Export and click the button "review" to see the list of payables that failed to export te DATEV.

If you click on a payable, you'll see the reason why it failed to export. You'll also be able to send this payable back to Bookkeep > Prepare or to mark it as manually exported to DATEV.

If the payable has wrong chart of account information, then you should :
- Click the button "send back to prepare" in the error modal. The purchase will be sent back to the Bookkeep > Prepare tab so that you can edit it.
- Go to Settings > Accounting and click "refresh accounting settings".
- Go to Bookkeep > Prepare, edit the purchase that failed to export previously and mark it as ready.
- Go to Bookkeep > Export and try to export it again.

If the invoice date of a purchase belongs to a locked period, or if you're stuck from exporting a purchase to DATEV for unknown reasons, then you can use the following workaround :
- You should click the button "mark as manually accounted" so that this purchase is artificially marked as exported in Spendesk. The idea is to take it out from the Prepare and Export tabs.
- Then you can import this purchase manually in DATEV.

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