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Export purchases to DATEV
Updated over a week ago

You are wondering how to export your Spendesk purchases to DATEV? Let's start with a few definitions.

With Spendesk you can export payables, payments and receipts to your accounting software.

  • Payable = the recognition of a debt, which impacts your purchase journal,

  • Payment = the cash flow to offset this debt, which impacts your bank journal,

  • Receipt = invoice or expense claim receipt, which is attached to your journal entries.

Export payables and receipts to DATEV via our API integrations

Spendesk has developed an API integration with DATEV that allows you to export payables and receipts to DATEV Unternehmen Online.

When you export a payable with receipt to DATEV, then a bill is created in DATEV with the receipt attached. This bill is enriched with all the bookkeeping information that you've previously added in Spendesk.

  1. Go to Bookkeep > Prepare.

  2. Prepare your payables and click on 'mark as ready'.

  3. Go to 'Bookkeep > Export'.

  4. Select the time frame for which you want to export payables. Remember that you need to look up invoices by their issue date, or expense claims by the date of expense.

  5. Click the button 'push to DATEV'.

  6. Wait for the confirmation message.

  7. You can see what was exported by going on 'Bookkeep > All payables' and filter by export status.

  8. You can also review export errors.

Export payments and FX fees to DATEV

  • Spendesk cannot technically export payments to DATEV via API as this type of API access is provided to German banks only. As result, you have to manually import payments to DATEV using our CSV account statement.

  • Spendesk charges Foreign Exchange (FX) fees for payments that are made in foreign currency. You'll find these FX fees within our CSV account statement so that you can import them manually into DATEV.

  1. Go to Bookkeep > Settings > Your wallet > Account statements.

  2. Click on the download icon for the period that you want to export.

  3. Select the format of the export (PDF, CSV, etc.)

  4. Check your emails to download the document.

Please note that if you're reimbursing a user from Spendesk (expense claim - wire transfer from Spendesk), we will only export the payment status to DATEV once it's paid, likely a few days after ➡️ if you export an expense claim that you just paid to DATEV, it will appear as unpaid because the wire transfer hasn't gone through yet.

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