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Activate DATEV native integration
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Activate DATEV native integration

In a few clicks, you can activate DATEV native integration on your Spendesk account.

  1. Go to Accounting > Settings,

  2. Click on the button "select your accounting base",

  3. Follow the use flow and select "DATEV native integration",

  4. Confirm your choice.

...DATEV native integration is now activated on Bookkeep 2.0!

N.B: if you're using an integration (XERO or another), choose a file-based export, from there you'll be able to switch to DATEV.

Authenticate to DATEV

Once the DATEV integration feature has been activated on your account, you will see a new widget in your Settings > Accounting page:

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Simply click on the 'Connect to DATEV' button to start the authentication process. You will be redirected to DATEV where you'll be asked to grant permission to Spendesk to retrieve the list of entities that you have access to on DATEV after login in:

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After clicking on 'I agree', you'll be redirected to Spendesk to choose the entity you want to connect with Spendesk:

If you don't have the appropriate set of permissions described above, you'll see an error message. Otherwise, you'll see a modal which will let you select the DATEV entity you want to connect with Spendesk. After hitting the 'Connect' button, you'll be redirected for the second time to DATEV to grant access to this entity to Spendesk for a 2-year period.

Don't worry, you'll be able to revoke this access anytime afterwards!

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After clicking 'I agree', you'll then, be redirected back to Spendesk. Two scenarios can happen here:

  • The authentication process failed because of missing permissions. Spendesk will ask you to check your permissions and retry the authentication flow.

  • The authentication process succeeded, you'll now see a slightly modified Accounting page dedicated to DATEV:

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