Get ready to integrate with Quickbooks (US customers)

Quickbooks integration - in a nutshell

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What is Quickbooks?

Quickbooks is the leading provider for SMB accounting software in the US, owning 75% of the market 💥

Therefore, Spendesk teams agreed on the necessity of a Quickbooks <> Spendesk native integration.

Please note beforehand that we integrate with Quickbooks Online (not desktop)

Access to Quickbooks for Spendesk customers

  1. This native integration is available for all of our US customers on Bookkeep 2.0, Spendesk's new version.

  2. Existing customers can, with the help of tech teams, have access to Quickbooks. New customers may choose Quickbooks when setting up their accounting on Spendesk.

How does it work?

It's a pull/push system.

From Quickbooks to Spendesk (pull): we synchronize expense accounts and bank account from Quickbooks into Spendesk.

From Spendesk to Quickbooks (push): we export payables (credit card payments, expense claims and invoices) into Quickbooks as Expenses.

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