Connect to Quickbooks (US customers)

How to connect Quickbooks to Spendesk

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Connect Spendesk <> Quickbooks as a new customer

The first time you connect to Accounting>Settings as Controller or Account owner you will have the option to select Quickbooks as your accounting base.

👉🏻 Choose Quickbooks Native Integration and get started. It's that easy!

Connect Spendesk <> Quickbooks as an existing customer

If you're currently using a different accounting base and would like to change it to Quickbooks, please anticipate by contacting your Customer Success Manager (your billing manager).

US tech teams will then activate the Quickbooks integration on your account.

In Settings>Accounting you can then connect to Quickbooks.

🔥 All expense accounts that have been manually set up previously will be replaced by the data downloaded from Quickbooks.

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