Set up your charts of accounts (US customers)

Connect and set up accounts (Settings > Accounting)

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Step 1: Connect to Quickbooks

Go to Settings > Accounting to connect to Quickbooks. Find "Accounting integration".

Select "Connect to Quickbooks".

Sign in using your Quickbooks credentials.

🔥 Your Spendesk account is now synchronized with Quickbooks!

Step 2: Set up your charts of account on Spendesk

Bank accounts tab

Here, you need to select the bank account set up for Spendesk in QBO - so that payables will be exported against the right account.

Expense accounts

All expense accounts and sub-accounts are visible in this section - all updates need to happen on QBO.

Please note that you cannot select which expense account you want to make available in Spendesk.

Analytical fields

Spendesk cost centers and custom fields can be mapped to QBO Class and Locations fields - however, please note that they are not synchronized from QBO - they need to be created manually on Spendesk.

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