Export data into Quickbooks (US customers)

What do we export into Quickbooks?

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How are expenses exported?

This is how expenses are exported to Quickbooks: Credit card payments as expenses (reconciled with payment, Expense claims as Bill Payments, with the vendor being the employee, and Invoices as Bill payments.

👉 At the moment, given Expense Claims and Invoices payments are not managed directly through Spendesk it is up to the customer to reconcile in Quickbooks.

Export expenses

Follow these steps to export expenses to Quickbooks from Spendesk.

  • Go to Bookkeep>Prepare.

  • Follow the standard bookkeep flow and prepare your expenses (expense accounts, VAT, description...).

  • Mark expenses as ready from Prepare. They will go from Prepare to Export.

  • Go to the Export tab and select a period as well as if you would like to include formerly exported payments or not.

  • When you are ready, export payables into Quickbooks.

  • The export is not automated: you need to trigger it from the Export page.

  • You can export payables as many time as you want a month (you do not have to wait until the end of month) to keep QBO updated.

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