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🗂 Use the Budgets feature
🗂 Use the Budgets feature

Understand how the feature is built and what are the steps to set it up.

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☝️ The Budgets feature has a specific goal: helping finance teams to communicate real-time budget % to budgets owners.

Budgets owners now have the visibility on their budgets directly in-product and in real time. It helps them to know if they are on track or not and simplify the decision-making when approving or denying a spending request.

Building of our Budgets feature

Budgets are built upon the concept of "Cost centers" which track the function of a purchase. We knew that a large "envelope" per cost center would not be enough to fully use the feature, so we enabled sub-budgets in order to give more granularity to your budget owners. They are built upon the concept of "Expense categories" which track the nature of a purchase.

Steps to follow to use the Budgets feature

  1. First, you need to create your cost centers. Cost centers are used to track the function of your costs and to define the approval flow a purchase request will follow. Everything is explained here.

  2. Then, you need to set up your expense categories. They are used to track the nature of your costs. You can restraint the visibility of the values to some cost centers in order to simplify the choice made by the requesters. Everything is explained here.

  3. Finally, you can start setting up your budgets. Set up your budgetary period beforehand, as explained here; then create your first budgets thanks to our custom import here.

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