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➡️ September 2022 good news!

Until now, accountants could only set up accounts payable at the general account level on Spendesk. They couldn’t set up auxiliary accounts, which forced them to manually add them for each transaction in their file-based exports prior to uploading into their accounting software.

This feature is now available on Spendesk ! 🥁

Read the below to learn how to set them up and where they are available!

Set up an auxiliary account

1️⃣ Ask your account manager or our support (support@spendesk.com) to activate the feature. Then, go to Settings > Exports, select your purchase journal template and add the auxiliary accounts column by clicking on the blue "+" between 2 columns of your choice.

2️⃣ Go to:

  • Settings > Accounting and to the sub-section of your choice (Supplier accounts, Employee accounts for example)


  • Bookkeep > Prepare > click on a payment > Set account (unless there is already an account set up).

  • You can also add them from the Accounts payable page.

Once the setup is complete:

3️⃣ Prepare your payments

4️⃣ Export your payments

📓 They are available on supplier accounts, card purchases accounts, employee accounts.

Where can you spot auxiliary accounts in or outside of the product?

On the exports, in Settings > Accounting, in Settings > Exports, in Bookkeep > Prepare, in Settings > Accounts payable.

Screenshots of the feature 👀

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