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❌ Delete an expense claim or invoice in "Reimburse/To Pay"
❌ Delete an expense claim or invoice in "Reimburse/To Pay"

A workaround to remove expense claims / invoices from the Pay section

Updated over a week ago

Why don't we allow the deletion of expenses or invoices 'to pay'?

Due to the fact that we offer several dedicated verification steps and that we do not want to allow the possibility to change already exported data on Spendesk, we can't manually change the review status of your expense claims/ supplier invoice.

Please be careful when reviewing a reimbursement for an expense claim/supplier invoice, because you can't change the data or edit this expense claim/supplier invoice afterwards.

Today, we let customers bookkeep expenses/invoices before paying them.

Therefore, there's a risk of discrepancy between your accounting software and Spendesk interface. See the example below:

I submit an invoice in Sept 22.

My manager approves it (Requests > To Approve).

My finance team reviews it (Invoices > Review).

My finance team prepares and exports the payable (Bookkeep > Prepare and Bookkeep > Export).

My finance team decides to not pay the supplier in the end, and tries to delete the payment to come.

↪️ we don't allow it, because if you forget to remove it from your accounting system, there will be a discrepancy.


🔥 Important: in the "To reimburse" / "To pay" tab, click on "From Spendesk" or "XML" and select ".Csv" instead. Otherwise, your employee or supplier will be reimbursed! 🔥

Mark the expense claim (alone) or invoice (alone) as paid using CSV. It will not send a transfer on your behalf. Make sure that you only include the expense or invoice that you need to delete and not others, otherwise you'll have to execute manual transfers.

Then, follow step 2 below ⬇️

What if I've already marked my expense/invoice as reimbursed?

  1. If your expense claims/ supplier invoice has already been marked as reimbursed then you will need to mark it as Prepared/Exported as other payments.

  2. You can then remove the line from your CSV before importing it in your accounting software. You can assign a dedicated expense account if needed to help you identify these lines you wish to exclude (for example, it could be named "Mistake - do not keep on bookkeeping system"). Indeed, even if you export these, the lines will still be visible on Spendesk.

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