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🎯 Invoices: obtain a proof of payment
Updated over a week ago

To obtain a proof of payment for your supplier, the payment must have been done from your Spendesk wallet and appear with the "Paid" status in Spendesk. Otherwise, we can’t provide you with a proof of payment.

Case 1: the supplier indicates that they have not been paid

Please contact We will open a ticket with our banking partner to unblock the situation.

Case 2: You just need to provide a proof of payment

Go to Invoices > History.

Check the batch from the date of payment of the invoice.

Click on the paid invoice.

Click on "Get PDF proof of payment".

Download the PDF file and send it to the supplier that is requesting it 🚀

If you need anything else, please log in here to contact our team via chat. We will respond to your request within 10 minutes. 😊

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