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To obtain a proof of payment for your supplier, the payment must have been done from your Spendesk wallet and appear with the "Paid" status in Spendesk. Otherwise, we can’t provide you with a proof of payment.

Case 1: the supplier indicates that they have not been paid

Please contact support@spendesk.com. We will open a ticket with our banking partner to unblock the situation.

Case 2: You just need to provide a proof of payment

Go to Invoices > History.

Check the batch from the date of payment of the invoice.

Click on the paid invoice.

It should display the panel of the payment with:

  • The status of the payment: "Paid"

  • Execution date

  • name of the beneficiary (supplier)

  • bank details

  • Amount of the payment

  • Currency of the payment


If you need anything else, please contact support@spendesk.com.

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