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How to import my Spendesk Purchase Journal in Exact Online

You have set up your purchase journal format on Spendesk and wish to proceed with your first import.

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Here are the steps to follow to import your Spendesk purchase journal into Exact Online:

1) Prepare and export your payments

First of all, you need to prepare your payment in the “Bookkeep” tab, under the “Prepare” tab. You will then be able to export them in the “Export” tab.

If needed, you can find out more about these steps here.

💡 If this is your first time, please try it out with one expense maximum. This will help to facilitate any changes if needed in the import.

2) Set up your import in Exact Online

a. First, we need to create a custom import in Exact Online.

The first step is to click on the name of your company in the upper left corner, and then on “Import/Export”.

Then, click on the “CSV/Excel” link.

Then, on the expense journal line, click on the “Import” link of the same line.

As this is the first time we are doing it, we are going to select “Anders gescheiden waarden”, which means that the values of the export we will import are not delimited with a specific delimitor.

After this step, you will be asked to import a test file. You should now import from your desktop the purchase journal that you exported from Spendesk.

After loading that in Exact, the tool will ask you if the booking can be identified with a specific value. Click on “no”.

In the next page, the system will ask if it can be identified by a changing value, select “a changing value”.

On the next page, you will need to enter the rank of the position of the code that identifies the unique value of the booking. In my example, this is the 3rd position, so I entered “3.”

On the next page, you will be able to do a mapping between your values : for each line, you will need to select the right “Exact” field.

On my example below, the “Reference number” has not been mapped : this way Exact will recognize the line as a new reference and will not try to map it to an existing booking in the tool.

Two other mapping page will follow when you click on “Next”.

You can then save your import template by clicking on “save”.

b. How to import with your saved template

To import with your saved template, you will need to go again on the import page by clicking on the name of your company in the upper left corner, and then on “Import/Export”, then “.csv/.xls”.

Then, on the expense journal line, click on the “Import” link of the same line and on the “my import templates” link on the following page.

You will be able to chose you file and import the data.

Once the file is imported, you will be able to see the list of transactions with errors if there are some. You can also tick the box below the title to give Exact the instruction to cut extra characters if the description field is too big.

If you click on “Next”, you will land on the page saying the file has been imported.

Please note that Exact is able to find duplicates, based on the name of the supplier, the date, the reference and the amount. If some duplicates appear, Exact will let you know through a visualisation box right underneath.

3. How to import your bank Journal in Exact Online

You will need to do the exact same steps as you did for the purchase Journal.

If you encounter any difficulties, we recommend that you consult your software's documentation or contact their support department for further assistance.

Congratulations, you now have all the keys you need to bookkeep with Spendesk 🚀

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