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Detect irrelevant receipts on mobile
Detect irrelevant receipts on mobile

Reduce the number of invalid receipts

Updated this week

🔸 The goal of this feature is to detect in real-time if a photo added to a payment is a valid receipt (thanks to machine learning) or not.

That is to reduce the rate of receipts marked as invalid by the Finance team.🔸


Our Machine Learning algorithm will help reduce the number of invalid receipts by issuing a warning when an employee uploads a wrong document. The employee then has the choice between uploading a different document or ignoring the warning. 📷

How it works

We have trained the tool to recognize receipts amongst files that aren't (and vice versa).

Technically, it's based on machine learning (= a neural network) that has been trained with all kinds of receipts, and will therefore detect whether it "looks" like a receipt.


🔸 It is only available on mobile for now. 🔸


Check the video uploaded below for more details on how it works 🎉

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