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Onboarding a new customer in the UK (via Adyen)
Onboarding a new customer in the UK (via Adyen)

Customers can now sign up for Spendesk and set up their initial companies in the UK.

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Sign-up and Pre-KYC Process on Spendesk

1. Fill in Information

After receiving the sign-up link, you'll need to fill in your information.

2. Select UK and British Pounds,

then agree to the terms of use and confirm you have permission to open a Spendesk account.

3. Click “Start now” to create your account

and proceed to the Onboarding hub.

You will be presented with two tasks:

  • Inform us about your business – this is the KYC process.

  • Fund your wallet – which is blocked until your company passes the KYC step.

4. KYC Process

You'll be directed to a separate tab for the KYC process, where you'll provide necessary information to open a Spendesk account.

5. Provide Information

Fill in details about individuals who are ultimate beneficial owners (holding 25% or more of the company).

6. Add Individuals

Add as many individuals as needed, providing their full name, association, job title (optional), tax information, country, and address.

7. Click on Continue.

8. Submit Business Information

Provide legal name, business type, industry code, funding information, tax reporting classification code, country, and address.

9. Verify Email Address

Check your email and click on the verification link.

Adyen KYC Process

1. Provide Information

Fill in additional details before signing the service agreement.

2. Company Details

Provide the company's country, legal name, structure, and type.

3. Registration Details

Submit registration details and the business's registered address.

4. Business Registration Document

Provide a government-issued document (no older than 12 months).

5. Summary Screen

Review the information and submit if everything is correct.

6. Add Signatories

Add at least one signatory, providing their role, full name, date of birth, country of residence, email, and phone number.

7. Provide New Individual's Information

If you need to add a new individual to your Adyen account, you will be asked to provide some information about them. Here’s what you’ll need:

  1. Role: Specify the individual's role within the company.

  2. Full Name: Enter their first and last name.

  3. Date of Birth: Provide their birth date.

  4. Country of Residence: Indicate where they live.

  5. Email Address: Enter their email address.

  6. Phone Number: Provide their contact number.

8. Identity Verification

Once the necessary information is provided, the next step is to verify the individual’s identity. This can be done through instant verification, which is recommended for its speed and convenience, or by manually uploading the required documents.

9. Signing the Service Agreement

After the ID has been submitted and verified, you will be taken back to the overview page. Here, you will need to sign the service agreement.

10. Review and sign the Agreement

Review the provided information if desired, select a Signer, agree to the terms, and click "sign."

11. Sign Three Separate Documents

You will need to complete the signing process for three separate documents:

  1. Payment processing terms

  2. Business account terms

  3. Card user terms

12. Navigate Back to Spendesk

Once all documents are signed, navigate back to Spendesk by clicking “Back to Spendesk.”

13. Update Tax Information or Continue

At this point, you can update the tax information or click "continue" to view the application. We recognize that this part of the process might be a bit confusing as there’s nothing left to do but still being prompted to “continue.” We are working on improving this in the near future.

14. Adding New User’s Tax Information

If a new user is added in the Adyen process and you click to update tax information, you will be informed if any information is missing. When you click edit, you will be prompted to add the new user's tax information.

By following these steps, you can ensure that all individuals associated with your Adyen account are correctly added and verified, allowing you to smoothly manage your business operations on Spendesk.

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