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💳 Configure control settings on cards - Advanced

Aktivieren Sie Zeiten und Beschränkungen für Ausgabekategorien der Karten

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➡️ Keep control on your card spendings and avoid inappropriate use by setting up advanced settings on your cards.

Set up, view, edit a card's Control Settings 🧒🧓

Account owners and Admins have the ability to set up advanced card controls.

  1. Navigate to the 'Cards' tab.

  2. Select the card to edit.

  3. Choose 'Card Settings.'

  4. Edit the monthly budget if necessary.

  5. Enable or disable cash withdrawals and online payments.

  6. Select the usage period and authorized hours for the card.

  7. Define authorized hours if needed.

  8. Click on 'Advanced Settings' to choose spending categories.

  9. Adjust spending category limitations as needed. In the example below, all categories are authorized. ⬇️

  10. Save the settings.

Advanced control rules - for Requesters

Exercise responsible spending! Your admin has set spending limits on your card for your benefit 🎉.

Check your Card Settings

You can view your card settings at any time:

  1. Visit your 'Card' tab.

  2. Go to 'Your Card Setup.'

  3. Review your authorizations, including cash withdrawals and online payments.

  4. Check your usage period and spending category limitations.

Don't forget that your card setup is also accessible from your mobile app!

Tip: If you require changes to your card setup or budget, feel free to reach out to your Account Owner or Administrator! 😊

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