📁 Open a Spendesk account

CEO, corporate officer of the company or holder of a delegation of authority? Submit your application to our teams online!

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You are a company

You want to offer the Spendesk solution to your company but you don't know how, or need more information? 

Just click on this button and follow the steps! 

Are you satisfied with the demo? Would you like to open a Spendesk account?

If you are: 

  • The director of a company

  • A corporate officer of the company

  • A holder of a delegation of authority (under some conditions)

You can now submit your application online. 🔐

Some documents can be required depending on the wallet's currency, amongst which:

  • Your certificate of incorporation

  • A copy of one of your directors' ID 

You are an organization

It is also possible to open a Spendesk account to manage your organization's expenses. 

📁 Given your associative nature, you will also be required to submit some additional documents such as your articles of association, your most recent minutes, the list of your directors, proof of residency for the members of the association offices...

You are a company in the process of being registered 

💰As a company in the process of registration, you can also open a Spendesk account, but you may be subject to the regulatory spending limit of €10,000 until you are fully registered. For US customers, the 10,000 doesn't apply but it's not possible to use the account before validation of the KYB.

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