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Account owners - Link a Spendesk Account to your Slack Workspace

Why should I use Slack?

  • Improve your collection of receipts with our receipts reminders notification pushed directly on Slack, on the public channel of your choice. Users with late receipts will be tagged on the public channel, to remind them that they need to attach the receipt.

  • Allow your approvers to connect their Spendesk account to Slack, to receive approval notifications directly on Slack.
    As soon as you connect your Spendesk account to your Slack Workspace, users will receive a notification on their Spendesk account inviting them to connect their profile to Slack. Once done, they will be able to receive notifications to approve directly on their Slack.

Connect Spendesk <> Slack

  1. Go to Settings > Company settings > Notifications and click on "Link to Slack"

  2. On the Spendesk <> Slack page, select the channel where you would like the receipts reminders notifications to be sent (please choose a public channel here)

Set up receipt reminders on Slack

Once a week, a general Slack reminder is sent to the channel chosen by the Account Owner for missing receipts, unless the user is under a rule on receipts. We recommend choosing a general channel that holds all employees instead of a private one. It can be #general or #office or #random for example. The goal is for every employee to receive the notification.

"There are 53 payments with a missing receipt ! Thanks for uploading them :"

The date and time can be changed in the Account Owner's Settings > Company settings > Notifications tab.

Read our article about other existing notifications set up by the Account owner.

Requesters - Link your profile to Slack

If you're a Requester, make sure your Account Owner has linked your Spendesk account to Slack.

Then, go to your Avatar > My profile > Link my profile to Slack.

Notification preview


You will be notified for expense claims, virtual card, mileage and subscription requests as soon as they are submitted by the team members. Invoice submissions work the same way. From Slack directly, you can accept or refuse them and select the reason why:


You will receive a notification once your request has been accepted or refused.

See our Privacy Policy here.

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