Connect your company to Slack (for Account Owners)

Account owners can connect the company to Slack in their Settings > Notifications.
This way, approvers will be able to receive notifications for requests, and requesters to receive confirmation of approval or refusal of their requests.

If you're a Requester, make sure your Account Owner has connected your company to Slack.

If your company has activated Slack, you must link your profile to Slack to use the integration.

For this, go to your Avatar > My profile > Link my profile to Slack.



You will be notified for expense claims, virtual card, mileage and subscription requests as soon as they are submitted by the team members. Invoice submissions work the same way. From Slack directly, you can accept or refuse them and select the reason why:


You will receive a notification once your request has been accepted or refused.

Company notification

Once a week, a general Slack reminder is sent to the channel chosen by the Account Owner for missing receipts. We recommend choosing a general channel where most of your employees are in instead of a private one. It can be #general or #office or #ramdom for example. The goal is for every employee to receive the notification.

"There are 53 payments with a missing receipt ! Thanks for uploading them :"

The date and time can be changed in the Owner's Settings > Notifications.

Read our article about other existing notifications set up by the Account owner.

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