👀 Single-use virtual cards tips

A couple of tips to better use your single-use virtual card.

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What you can do! ✅

Cancel a virtual card request

👉 If you already know you are not going to spend the money on the virtual card, it is better to cancel your request: the money loaded on your card will be released and sent back into the company account. To do so, go to your Requests tab, click on the white box and click on the Cancel button.

What you cannot do ❌:

Edit the budget of a single-use virtual card

You can't edit the budget of, or unload a single-use virtual card. You can just delete it / create it again. After one month , the card expires and the remaining funds go back to your Spendesk account.

Add funds to an existing single-use virtual card

Unfortunately, it's not possible to add funds to an existing virtual card. If you need more money than expected to make your purchase, you will need to:

  • delete the current request;

  • create a new one with the right amount.

👉 Always ask for a higher amount than the one you really need! This will help in case the total amount varies. Any money left over after the request will automatically go back to your company's wallet.

Extend the expiry date

Again, it's not possible to extend the expiry date. Single-use virtual cards are valid one month to avoid re-use and fraud.

👉 If you often buy goods and services on the same website, you might consider creating a virtual recurring payments card with a monthly budget and a 4-year expiry date.

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