💴 Pay online with a virtual card

After your request is approved, pay online with your virtual card

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First of all, you need to request a virtual card. Once your request is approved, you can generate the card and pay online:

  • Go to the "Requests" tab.

  • Click on your request.

  • Click on the button "Get card".

  • The card is shown.

  • You can copy/paste the numbers and pay online as usual.

As soon as your payment is successfully processed, the request disappears from the "Requests" tab and appears in your "Payments" tab.

👉 Any pending transactions or payment issues? Have a look at our dedicated collection.

Choose the right billing address

Some merchants might ask for your billing address or VAT number during the payment process. You can find the information just below your virtual card in Company Billing information.

Virtual cards for secure online payments | Spendesk

If you don't enter the right address, the payment may fail and the merchant can ban your card to avoid fraud.

👉 Your company's billing information has changed?

Account owners and Administrators can update it in Settings > Billing > Company information.

Error message when trying to generate a card

If there is not enough money on your Spendesk wallet to cover your request, we can't generate a virtual card. In this case, we display an error message. Best is to get in touch with your manager.

If your name includes a special sign (like # or numbers or '), you might not be able to generate a card.

If you have any other issue while generating your virtual card, contact our support team via our chat box in your Spendesk account.

View your card numbers

You have requested a card but still haven't used it? No problem, head to the "Requests" tab, click on your request and on the button "Get card".

If you've made a payment and need to check your card's numbers, go to "Payments", click on your payment and then on "Get card info".

For recurring payments cards, you can also access your card's numbers from Subscriptions > Edit your subscription > Action > Get card info, or on the Payments tab.

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