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⏯ ❌ Pause or delete your subscription card

No payments in the following months? Pause or delete your recurring payments card to avoid blocking money on your card.

Updated over a week ago

Pause your subscription

If you'd like to temporarily pause recurring payments made with the same supplier:

  • Head over to the "Subscriptions" tab.

  • Select the subscription.

  • Click on 'Pause card'.

In the event of your company using a 'Prepaid' Spendesk account, the monthly budget associated with the card is automatically unloaded and the remaining funds are transferred back on to your Spendesk account.

Your Account Owner or cost center owner can reactivate the card at any time by ticking the box located on the chosen card, and clicking on "Unpause 1 Subscription". The related budget is automatically reloaded.

Delete your subscription

You've ended a service or a tool subscription? Don't forget to delete your recurring payments card to avoid spending unnecessary funds and for better visibility.

  • Head over to the "Subscriptions" tab.

  • Tick the card.

  • Click on "Details".

  • Click on Cancel subscription.

⚠️ Be careful, once the card is deleted, it's not possible to restore it.

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