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🖊 Edit and update your billing details

Account owners and Controllers can edit the company billing details.

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To check your Spendesk billing information, head over to Settings > Billing.

In this specific tab, you'll find:

  • your Spendesk billing plan with the possibility to change it when needed by clicking on "contact us to change your plan".

  • Your billing information.

  • Your Spendesk invoices to be downloaded, which you can also get from your Bookkeep > All payments tab, by typing in the search bar "Spendesk" or using the filter Supplier > Spendesk.

Billing address and company address: what's the difference?

  • The Spendesk company address corresponds to the address that's displayed under each generated virtual card and is the one associated with each physical card. You can find it in Settings > Company settings > Company information.

  • The Spendesk billing address matches the address displayed on your Spendesk monthly invoices. It might differ from the company address. You can find it in Settings > Billing > Billing information.

The billing address of the cards

The billing address you entered in your Settings corresponds to the billing address of your cards.

⏩ Some cards generated with a certain billing address (e.g. single-use cards) will retain the billing address from when the card was created.

→ If I create a card on January 1, in 'All Requests' and the billing address changes on January 2, the address to enter on the online form is the address that shows under the card, which is the billing address of the company at the time the card was generated.

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