By default, invited users will be assigned a Requester role, which can be combined with other roles once the invitation has been accepted.

It's also possible to choose the user's role upon invitation just like in this example:

Account owners and Administrators can change users' role(s) once they've been invited too!

To do so, click on Settings > Members > the user you want to edit.

Choose Edit profile > Roles > the roles you want to assign.

🤓 You can edit assigned roles at any time as an Admin or Account owner.

Short reminder:

Account owners have access to everything on the platform (they're the big boss). There is only one Account owner per company!

Administrators can set up the account: they're able to change spending policies, add or delete team members, invite users etc.

Controllers have access to all accounting features. They get to see all the company's requests and payments, account balance, they're able to extract account statements, set up accounting codes, send receipt reminders etc.

A Requester is only able to make payments.

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