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❌ Delete a member

How to delete a member and what happens when you delete a member.

Updated over a week ago

As an Administrator or Account owner, your can remove members from the list when they leave the company or do not use their Spendesk account.

Remove a member on Spendesk

head over to Settings > Members.

  • Click on the member you want to delete.

  • Click on the red link at the bottom in the new window that pops up: "remove the member from your company".

  • Follow the instructions in the new window and then check the box that reads I acknowledge and confirm.

What happens when you remove a member?

  • Their single-use cards are deactivated.

  • Their subscriptions are automatically transferred to their Account Owner, unless the subscriptions were appointed to someone else beforehand (from the Subscriptions tab). In this scenario, the Account Owner has access to any deleted user's history on the platform by typing their name on the All payments tab.

  • Their physical card will be deactivated and removed from the platform.

  • The member won't be able to login again or access their company account on Spendesk.

  • Also, email reminders will no longer work.

  • Controllers and Team Managers can continue to upload missing receipts from the removed user.

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