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🔐 Transfer your approval rights temporarily (approvers)

Account owners and approvers, know how to delegate your rights.

Updated over a week ago

Delegate your rights temporarily

Are you an approver going on a leave soon?

You can temporarily grant your approval rights to another user.

These can be retrieved once you're back.

To temporarily delegate your approval rights:

  • Click on your Avatar in the top right-hand corner of the interface > My profile > Transfer your rights.

  • Then select 'Delegate your approval rights temporarily'.

  • Select the member to whom you want to delegate your approval rights. This person will receive notifications for the requests you would need to approve.

When you're back, simply click on the dedicated banner that appears at the top of the interface "I'm back", this way you'll be able to get your approval rights back.

🚨 Please note the following:

  • if you are an approver on several entities, the change will have to be made on each entity! Indeed, each entity does not have the same members (and therefore potential 'approval replacements').

  • delegating your approval rights doesn't include the 'transfer confirmation' option which is only for account owners.

    If you are an Account Owner and you wish to delegate this option, please delegate both of your 'approval rights' and 'account ownership'. The account ownership rights can be sent back by the AO upon your return.

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