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⎌ Your payment is displayed twice on Spendesk
⎌ Your payment is displayed twice on Spendesk

Understand why two or several payments are showing on your interface in the payments section.

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When making a payment, you might have several transactions pending in the "Pending transactions" of your Payments tab.

Several reasons can explain this:


This will mostly happen with car rentals, hotel rentals or gas stations.

The merchant will check that the amount on your card is sufficient to charge it. Then, the authorization will disappear within 18 days or 30 days depending on the country (only the merchant can do so).

You might have a combination of the authorization + the real payment amount both in the pending transactions until the payment with the right amount is charged.

Sometimes the authorization is above the actual payment's amount. That's the case for gas stations, for example. Let's say you want to buy around 40 liters, the merchant can make an authorization of the amount of 70 liters.

👉🏻After 2-5 days, the real amount needed for 40 liters will be charged.

👉🏻After 18 days (maximum), the amount of the authorization will disappear from the pending transactions.

You can add the same receipt to both payments in the meantime.

It can happen for the merchant to charge both amounts, then to reimburse the authorization.

We are well aware that fixing the double amount spent can be blocking.

Unfortunately, we cannot go against banks and financial institutions rules.

On the interface, we display your account information in real time and we have to wait for the bank to cancel the authorization before the funds are released.

🔢 The transaction may also have been cancelled after a failed authorization request on your card, in which case the supplier would have decided not to charge the card. In this situation, it’s the merchant’s role to cancel the transaction and the money (from the authorization and transaction attempt) should go back to your account shortly.

Duplicate amount

In some cases (by refreshing the payment page for example) it can happen that an amount is charged twice.

Another explanation is a temporary set-up error from the merchant, or the merchant's payment platform.

In that case:

  • the merchant will reimburse the amount automatically OR

  • you will have to ask the merchant for a reimbursement.

👉🏻 Our support team can share the transaction details with you for the merchant to reimburse the duplicate payment.

Make sure that the transaction is in "payments" and not "transactions pending", then contact us by clicking "Need help - Chat with us", we will respond to your request within 10 minutes. 😊


In some cases, you might want to order from different merchants like on the Amazon marketplace.

If you're using a subscription (recurring) card, there can be several distinct amounts on your Payments tab.

If you add them up, they should correspond to the amount on your order receipt.

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