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🏄‍♂️ Get a refund on a Spendesk card
🏄‍♂️ Get a refund on a Spendesk card
It's possible to get a refund on Spendesk cards, even on single-use cards. Learn how to proceed.
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Refunds work very easily on Spendesk:

  • Suppliers are able to refund you on whichever card you used to make the payment (i.e. single purchase even if already used, subscription even if it's paused or cancelled, or physical cards, even if they have been deleted).

  • Single-use cards which have expired can still receive a refund.

  • Refunds will appear under the Payments tab on your Spendesk account. There should be a "+" symbol located next to the amount of your purchase.

  • There's no need to attach an invoice, simply click on the Can't provide an invoice button and add a description to this refund. This will clear up any confusion for your accountant.

  • As soon as the refund has been processed by the merchant, the funds should be transferred back to your company account within a few days or weeks depending on the merchant.

👉🏻 It can be helpful to have the transaction details with you when you ask for a refund. Do not hesitate to ask them to your dear support team (

Please note:

it is not possible to be refunded on a Spendesk card if the payment has been made with a non-Spendesk card.

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