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🇩🇪 Submit your Per Diem

(for Requesters)

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This guide is tailored for users with a Requester role or Account owner role. 🎉

To submit a per diem request,

  • click on the "New request" button on the top-right corner of your screen.

  • Select "Request a reimbursement".

  • Choose "Per diem" at the bottom of the side panel.

Add the trip information

The first step to request a per diem meal allowance is to add trip information.

Step 1: trip information

  • Input the origin of the trip, e.g, "Berlin, Germany" or your office's address.

  • Enter the destination's address within Germany e.g. "Rent 24 Berlin".

  • Enter the date and time the trip began.

  • Enter the date and time the trip ended (this is when the employee travelling returns home or to their normal workplace).

  • Add a trip description describing the purpose of the trip so that an approver can review it.

  • Fill the analytical fields required (cost center, expense category, other possible fields).

  • Click Next.

Step 2 - additional settings

If the requester was required to spend the night away from home 🌔 , and no accommodation was provided by their employer, they may select the "hotel allowance" option to be reimbursed for their accommodation.

The requester must unselect they meals they didn't pay for (only meals paid by the employer should be selected).


  • Submit the request.


Trip with multiple destinations

To make a request for a trip with multiple destinations, click the "Add destination" button in the form ⬇️

View pending Per Diem requests (approvers or AO)

You can click on your per diem request, like any request, to view the amount calculated for that request and its details. You are free to cancel the request or to wait for it to be approved by an approver. This can be done from Requests > Your requests.

View Per Diems that you should approve (approvers)

To proceed, go to Requests > All requests (if you're an Account Owner but not the direct approver) or Requests > To approve (if you're the approver).

Filter by type = Per diem.

You can check all details as well as the budget's progression and analytical + the history of the Per Diem request.

Submit a per diem request from the mobile app

It's possible since 2023 🎉 ! Traveling users, we got your back!

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