☕️ Retrieve/Reset your PIN code

Learn how to view/reset your personal Spendesk card's PIN code.

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European cards

You can retrieve your PIN code at any time on our European cards by logging in to Spendesk.com or on our mobile app and going to the Card tab:

  • 🖥 On the web, you can request your PIN to be sent to your phone by text message.

  • 📱 On the mobile app, you can simply choose to show your PIN Code.

Good to know:

  • On these cards, it's not possible to change the pin code.

  • If you are an Admin or Account Owner on a desktop version, you should click on your Avatar (top-right corner) - Physical card to view your card and retrieve your pin (or View pin on the mobile app).

US cards

On US cards (in USD), you can click on "Reset PIN" - it's not possible to show your PIN, only to reset it.

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