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💳 Request a single-use virtual card from the mobile app
💳 Request a single-use virtual card from the mobile app

No need to get your laptop out to generate a single-use virtual card. You can now generate it on-the-go from our mobile app!

Updated over a week ago

On your home page of the app,

  • click on the +New request button.

  • Select Request a virtual card.

  • Fill in the desired amount and click on Continue.

  • Fill in the supplier, description, analytic codes...

  • Click on Submit request.

Depending on your spending policy, your request is either subject to validation or will be automatically approved.

As soon as your request is validated, the card is displayed, and you can then copy/paste the numbers to make your purchase online.

Once you've placed your order, upload your receipt as usual:

  • From your computer.

  • By replying to the payment email directly with your receipt.

  • By transferring it in one click (the company address is in your account, when you click on a payment, on "Forward your receipts").

Services such as Apple pay / Google Pay are not available yet with your Spendesk physical card. It's also not possible to pay with Spendesk virtual cards in physical payments. In this second case, however, it is possible to have made a purchase (authorization or payment or deposit) online but to show the card details in a physical place to prove that you are the card owner.

👉 You're paying in another currency than your Wallet's? No problem! Enter the amount in the said currency, and we'll automatically convert it in your wallet currency at the day’s rate.

⚠️ It is not possible to request recurring virtual cards from the mobile app. To do so, log in from a computer.

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