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Fill payment details

As soon as you pay, a transaction appears on your app home page.

Click on the transaction and complete - if necessary - details related to your payment: name of the supplier, description of your purchase, analytical code if activated, team...

Click on Add receipt to submit the payment receipt:

  • Either by clicking on Take a picture: you will be able to take a photo of your receipt directly from the mobile app.

  • Or by clicking on Choose from the gallery: you will be able to attach a receipt or an invoice that has already been downloaded to your phone.

Please note that the maximum size for a receipt on Spendesk is 10 MB, you can compress the file on an online converter if needed. 🔧

Once you have attached the receipt to your expense, you will see the thumbnail image displayed. From there, tap Save.

Once the information is filled correctly, the transaction will move to the Payments tab, with all of your payment history.

🚨 As long as all the information is not completed, the payment will remain in the tab Home > My tasks.

✨ Expense claims are activated on your account? Submit them directly on our mobile app for approval!

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