🧑‍🏫 Manage your suppliers

Linked to our "Submit my Invoice" feature, you can manage your suppliers and their bank details directly on Spendesk.

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This is part of the "Submit my Invoice" module. You can activate it on Settings - Company settings - Payment methods.

Create a new supplier - Requesters

Requesters can add the supplier's bank info at the Request step (New Request - Supplier invoice).

Add supplier details while reviewing your invoice - Controllers and Account Owners

In Invoices > Review, you can't validate an invoice if the supplier's details are incomplete. Click over to the supplier tab and any relevant information.

Legal name and bank details are the most important; especially if your supplier is settled within the eurozone. If the IBAN section remains empty, you won't be able to generate an XML SEPA file to pay your supplier online.

Once your supplier is created, the information is saved and will be reused next time you get an invoice from them.

Create a supplier without reviewing an invoice - Controllers and Account Owners

👉 Go to Settings - Accounts payable - Create a supplier and fill the information:

You can edit some information there later: supplier account, bank info, expense account...

Create suppliers in bulk - Controllers and Account Owners

If you have many suppliers you'd like to add in bulk on Spendesk, get in touch with your Success Account Manager so they can add your list on your account.

Delete a supplier

It is not possible to delete a supplier with an attached request/payment.

Merge suppliers

It is not possible to merge several suppliers, but you can add the same supplier account to all of them to make your reporting correct.

Change the name of a supplier

Be careful when creating a supplier to choose the right name, indeed for legal and security reasons it is not possible to do it afterwards.

It is also not possible to change the supplier on an invoice/expense report that has already been approved by a moderator and verified by a controller, only until the verification stage by the controller. In this case, you will have to modify the name of the supplier in your accounting software directly in case of error.

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