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Linked to our "Submit my Invoice" feature, you can manage your suppliers and their bank details directly on Spendesk.

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This is part of the "Submit my Invoice" (SMI) module. The Account Owner can activate it on Settings > Company settings > Payment methods.

Read how to create and manage suppliers below ⬇️

Create a supplier

Before submitting an invoice (role: Controllers)

You want to create a supplier before uploading the first invoice to Spendesk.

  • Go to Settings > Accounts payable > Create a supplier to input necessary information.

  • Certain details, such as the supplier account, bank info, and expense account, can be edited later.

Add a Supplier's Bank Information (role: Requesters) from the 'Requests' tab

Requesters can input the supplier's bank details during the Request step (New Request > Supplier invoice).

Add Supplier Details during Invoice Review for Controllers and Account Owners:

  • In the Invoices > Review section, invoice validation is possible only if supplier details are complete. Navigate to the supplier's information and provide any missing information.

  • Legal name and bank details, particularly for suppliers in the eurozone, are crucial. Also, an empty bank information section prevents the generation of a transfer or an XML SEPA file for online supplier payments.

  • Once a supplier is created, the information is saved for future invoice processing.

Import suppliers by bulk (for Controllers and Account Owners)

To add multiple suppliers at once, contact your Spendesk Account Manager. They will provide a template that you can fill in order to proceed to the import.

Manage suppliers

Delete a Supplier

Deleting a supplier is not possible if there is an attached request/payment.

If there isn't, you can archive the supplier from the Accounts payable tab.

Merge Suppliers

Although merging suppliers directly is not an option, you can ensure accurate reporting by assigning the same supplier account to multiple entries. You can add/edit a supplier account in the Settings > Accounts payable tab.

Edit a supplier name

Exercise caution in selecting the correct name during supplier creation, as changes are not possible afterward due to legal, compliance and security reasons.

Edit the 'Supplier Name' on approved Invoices/Expense Claims

Editing the supplier name is not possible after approval and verification by an Approver and review by a Controller. Corrections must then be made directly in the accounting software.

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