🕺🏻 Set up control on spending - Physical Cards (Advanced)
Add timeframes and spending categories limitations to cards.
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↪️ Keep control on your card spendings and avoid inappropriate use by setting up advanced settings on your cards.

Add control to your spendings

With More Control on Cards - Advanced (available only on some billing plans) it's not only possible to control the budget, but also to pre-select which categories of spendings are allowed on a card and on what day of the week the card can be used.

Set up / View / Edit a card's control settings

Account owners and Admins can set up more control on cards.

  • Go to the Cards tab.

  • Select a card.

  • Choose Card settings.

  • Edit the monthly budget if needed.

  • Allow/Refuse cash withdrawal and online payments.

  • Choose the period of use of the cards and the timezones applied to the card.

  • Choose authorized hours if needed.

  • Authorize (or not) contactless payments.

  • Click on advanced settings if you'd like to choose spend categories.

  • Edit spending categories limitations. On this example, all categories are authorized.

  • Click on Save settings.

👉 For now is not possible to block a particular spending category only for some hours in the day, it is either blocked or not blocked.

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