You have submitted a request and are learning to learn more about its status.

➡️ For the purpose of this article we will use the example of Expense claims.

For now, you are not notified when an expense claim is reimbursed, but you can check its reimbursement status.

Expense claim visible in "Requests"

  • If the expense claim appears in Requests, it's either pending, approved or denied.

If it's ⏳ pending : your account owner or team approver must approve it for the expense to be moved forward to the reimbursement step.

If it's 💪 approved : your account owner or team approver has validated the claim and your finance team is on their way to approve/reject the reimbursement.

If it is ❌ denied: you can submit a new claim with the correct information, or contact your team if you need more information about the refused status, before resubmitting the claim.

Expense claim visible in "Payments"

  • If the expense claim appears in Payments, it means that your finance team has marked the expense claim as reimbursed on their side.

  • If the history of payment mentions "Outside of Spendesk", it means that your company has chosen an XML SEPA reimbursement, or a CSV reimbursement.If they have selected XML SEPA, your finance team should share the XML file with the bank to make sure that you're paid. If they have downloaded a CSV, they must make a reimbursement manually on the company's bank.

  • If the history of payment mentions "From Spendesk", your company's available funds have been used to refund you, it usually takes less than 3 days for the money to be available on your account.

😟 Reimbursement not received

"My expense claim is visible in Payments but I have not received funds... What should I do?"

In this case, we advise you to check with your finance team the status of the Spendesk reimbursement on their side. If it is marked as "reimbursed from Spendesk", and it's been over 5 days contact us. If it's marked as "reimbursed outside of Spendesk" check with them if the XML SEPA file was shared with the bank / if the manual transfer was made on the company account.

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