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⚑ Mark a receipt as "cannot be provided" (for Requesters)
⚑ Mark a receipt as "cannot be provided" (for Requesters)

Your transaction is pending (but cancelled) or you've lost a receipt? We've got your back!

Updated over a week ago

If, for any reason you cannot add a receipt to your payment, you will need to report it on Spendesk. 🔖

Reasons why you can't provide a receipt vary, but they can be:

  • the merchant didn't give you a receipt or you forgot to ask

  • you have a pending transaction that's been cancelled by the merchant but that's still showing on Spendesk

  • it was sent to someone else's email address and you cannot retrieve the receipt or reach this person

  • you have lost the receipt

  • your card was stolen/used

amongst many other!

Mark a receipt as 'Cannot Be Provided'

➡️ To do so, click on the grey button next to "Upload a receipt" on your payment (Payments tab).

Continue with the steps and fill in the required information, validate.

Congrats! Your finance team now has an affidavit (legal document) available proving that there was an issue to get a receipt!

Receipt found afterwards 🎉

Sometimes it happens that you find your lost receipt or that the supplier sends it late.

In this case, go to Payments and add your receipt thanks to the "Upload your receipt" button 😊 !

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