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🏷 Bookkeep your expense claims
🏷 Bookkeep your expense claims
This article is for Account Owners and Controllers on Bookkeep 2.0!
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Here's how Spendesk can help you manage expense claims. Don't hesitate to reach out to your customer success manager for more information on our expense claims feature!

  1. Account owners or Controllers check and validate expense claims in Expense claims > Review.

  2. From that validation, they can be prepared, exported and reimbursed, or reimbursed, prepared and exported.

  3. Controllers reimburse expense claims with a XML SEPA file, .csv recap, or from Spendesk.

💥 NEW! On Bookkeep 2.0 it is now possible to bookkeep an expense claim before payment. Once validated in Expense claim - To review, an expense claim moves to both the Bookkeep tab and Expense claim - Pay tab, allowing you to export payables before the actual reimbursement.

Review and validate the claims

When a manager approves an expense claims request, it appears under the Expense Claims > Review tab. Accounting and Finance teams can review all related information prior to reimbursing the claim.

All approved expense claims waiting to be reimbursed are in the Expense claims > Review tab. From this tab, controllers can easily validate or reject claims, and even handle multiple expense claims at once.

If an expense claim has been approved by the controller in Review, it can no longer be deleted in Requests. If a user tries nevertheless, they'll get the error message "0 action successful".

Reimburse your employees

Once Expense Claims are marked as "reviewed", they move to the Expense Claims > Reimburse tab and Bookkeep > Prepare tab.

There are 3 ways to reimburse your employees:

When you export the list of expense claims to be reimbursed by your bank in Expense claims > Reimburse, they are automatically marked as paid in Spendesk. However, you can always keep track of the expenses that were previously paid by navigating to the History tab. This tab contains all details of previously reimbursed expenses.

Bookkeep expense claims

Expense claims marked as reviewed in Expense claims > Review then appear in both Expense claims > Pay and Bookkeep > Prepare.

  • Approved expense claims can be prepared in Prepare and exported in Export. They will appear in the purchase and bank journal if they have been reimbursed via Spendesk and only in the purchase journal if they have been reimbursed by .csv or .xml SEPA file.

  • Reimbursed expense claims move over to the Bookkeep > All Payments section, with the rest of your Spendesk payments.

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