💰 Reimburse an expense claim using .csv
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Our CSV export allows you to download a recap of the amounts to be reimbursed per Requester, for one or more expense claims at a time, from your company's bank account. It is not meant to be used on your bank's website.

Reimburse an expense claim using a .CSV file

With our CSV feature, you can easily prepare multiple reimbursements for multiple employees at once.

Simply download the CSV file from Spendesk, then manually reimburse your employees from your corporate bank account.

  • Go to Expense claims > Schedule Reimbursements.

  • Select the employees and expenses to be reimbursed.

  • Click on 'Reimburse by .CSV'. You can change the date on which expenses are to be reimbursed if necessary.

  • Create 1 transfer order per employee, of the total to reimburse, and send it to their bank details, from your company's usual bank account.

️If your bank offers to execute your transfers by SEPA XML you can avoid manual input, by selecting .XML instead of .CSV and just adding the .XML file to your bank.

Alternatively, you can reimburse your employees via transfer from Spendesk directly.

🚨 Make sure you have the bank details (IBAN/BIC) for your employees.

What happens if the recipient's bank account is closed?

There are several possibilities - either the bank of the closed account will have to be asked to transfer the funds received (if they do not do so automatically), or the funds will 'bounce' back within 12 days to your Spendesk account.

Good to know:

👉 When marking an expense as paid from Spendesk, it automatically goes to the Payments tab.

👉 The reimbursement will be labeled "Your Spendesk account ID + employee's first and last name" on the employee's bank.

👉 You can check all previously reimbursed expenses under Expense Claims > History (even the ones that initially failed).

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