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🇺🇸 💰 (US) Top up your Spendesk wallet automatically
🇺🇸 💰 (US) Top up your Spendesk wallet automatically

Low funds? Not an issue, set up your Spendesk wallet to reload automatically!

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As an Account Owner on Spendesk you are able to fund your Spendesk wallet via ACH.

You can also automatically top up your Spendesk wallet if you reach a defined level of "low funds".

To do so, follow the following steps.

➡️ An automatic load is triggered when your "Wallet" amount reaches less than the threshold that you defined. Check the amount in "On your Spendesk wallet" on the main page.

Set up an automatic top-up on a US account

  • Click here to visit the funding page.

  • Click on the "Automated funding" tab.

  • Set a minimum threshold, and an amount to fund wallet automatically when the threshold gets reached.

  • Click on "Set a $..... automated funding" to validate.

  • Check out your phone for a security code

  • Fill the security code and validate. You can now avoid manual funding! 💪

An ACH transfer occurs when the "amount in your Spendesk account" is below the amount you set, but you have to go above this amount at least once after setting up the limit for the ACH to be effectively "called" once the account's amount goes under the threshold.


My account has 8K available.

I set up a limit at 10K.

I have to go above 10K once (thanks to a one-off top-up for example) for the ACH to be generated next time the account goes under 10K.

Delete an automatic funding

If you change your mind, it's quite easy to remove the wallet's automatic top-up.

  • Click here to reach the Account Funding page.

  • Click on the "Automated funding" tab.

  • Select "Delete automatic debit".

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