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👜 What is a default cost center?
👜 What is a default cost center?

All about default cost centers

Updated over a week ago

As an Admin / Account owner, you can assign a default cost center to any user.

🔴 It is not possible to have more than 1 default cost center attached.

To do so, go to Settings > Members > Click on the member > Click on 'Edit profile' > Cost center.

What is the purpose of a default cost center?

It allows a user who spends most of the time for the same cost center to avoid having to select a cost center each time they make a request or payment.

Indeed, the "Cost center" on a request will be automatically pre-filled by the value chosen by the admin. If necessary, requesters can always edit the pre-filled cost center on a request if they need to spend for another.

In the following example, Clément spends 90% of the time for the Marketing cost center, so we have chosen to assign them the Marketing cost center. This value will be pre-filled when Clement makes a request. However, Clément can always select another cost center when making requests and payments if necessary!

Cost centers automatic suggestions : how does it work?

  • Upon the first request, the cost center field is empty. The requester has to choose a cost center. If the cost center is wrong, the controller can change it in the Prepare tab.

  • On the next request, we remember the cost center that was put on the previous request (either the initial one, or the one that has been edited by the controller if it was wrong).

  • After 5 expenses, we start making an average of all expenses and put the most used as 'cost center by default'.

  • The cost center by default that appears in the settings is the one that was guessed by Spendesk this way. If the administrator changes it in Settings > Members then we stop guessing and we put the one that was set up by the controller.

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