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As an Admin / Account owner, you can assign a default cost center to any user.

To do so, go to Settings > Members > Click on the member > Click on "Edit profile" > Cost center.

What is the purpose of a default cost center?

It allows a user who spends most of the time for the same cost center to avoid having to select a cost center each time they make a request or payment.

Indeed, the "Cost center" field on a request will be automatically pre-selected. However, if necessary, they can always edit it and select another cost center for a purchase request or a payment.

In the following example, Clément spends 90% of the time for the Marketing cost center, so we have chosen to assign them the Marketing cost center. This will be pre-filled when Clement makes a request/payment. However, Clément can always select another cost center when making requests and payments if necessary!

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