Find a Spendesk purchase on DATEV UO

Where to find the payment you just exported to DATEV

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Receipts are exported from Spendesk to DATEV UO and they are enriched with accounting data.

You can find these receipts in DATEV UO in the section 'Übersicht > Startseite Belege > Beleg erfassen'.

Spendesk populates some of the fields with the relevant accounting information.

In the following screenshot, the fields highlighted in yellow are mandatory fields.

The others are optional.

For Spendesk to be able to fill these fields, data must respect DATEV's validation rules. If not, then Spendesk exports will fail.

Customers can configure the form fields by clicking on 'Einstellungen' (settings) and by selecting 'Erfassungsmaske konfigurieren':

Here is an example of the fields configured for payables under processing mode 'Erweitert'.

As you can see, you can choose which form field(s) should be shown and which not. Only the mandatory fields like 'Rechnungsdatum' (invoice date) cannot be hidden.

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