🚗 Submit mileage allowances on mobile

Learn how to claim mileage allowances on the Spendesk mobile app.

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This feature can be used if "Mileage allowances" is activated in your company's settings.

First of all, open the Spendesk mobile application.

  • At the bottom of the screen, press the +New request button.

  • Select Submit a Mileage Allowance.

  • Fill in the details related to your trip (type of vehicle, power, date, address...)

  • You can select the 'electric car' option on French/URSSAF accounts only. You can also tick "return trip".

  • Submit your request.

The mileage allowance will be calculated automatically based on the distance of your trip and your local regulation.

NB :

For cars and motorcycles, we automatically calculate the way with fewer km/miles between both addresses.

For bicycles, we calculate the shortest path between the two addresses.

Approvers (managers, Account owners...) can then approve or reject the expense as usual.

Submit your milleage allowance request on mobile - video

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