At the moment, there is no integration per se between Spendesk <> Agicap.

However, here's the workaround suggested by Agicap teams!


When a customer uses Spendesk, they need to have the detail of expenses in Agicap to be able to categorize each expense in the right category (ex: Pizza for the team > Restaurant, Toll > Transport expenses, etc.) and the available amount. Today, Spendesk does not have an integration with Agicap yet, so it's not possible to have a view on their Spendesk account.

What's the workaround?

Agicap proceeds by means of a matrix. A matrix is an excel file with formulas. The customer exports their Spendesk statement (in the Excel format) and copies and pastes the export into the custom-made matrix, which is then imported into Agicap.

→ You can download this statement from "Settings - Your Account - Account Statements". Then click on the Download logo and on XLS/XLSX.

The import is very simple and does not require any file reprocessing from the customer.

When building the matrix, the Agicap team adapts it to the export provided. Since the export format is always the same, the matrix will work every time and the client will be autonomous.

Visibility on Agicap

On Agicap, the Spendesk account will work like a classic bank account, with disbursements and receipts and a balance. This account will be fed regularly by the client with the help of the matrix and will allow them to have visibility on their cashburn and cash flows.

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