Connect Spendesk <> Agicap

Link your Spendesk and Agicap accounts!

Updated over a week ago

Here's how you can link Spendesk to Agicap. Be aware that invoices paid via Spendesk are not exported to Agicap.

  • Go to "Banks and integrations".

  • click on "Connect a bank".

  • Enter "Spendesk" in the search bar and select "Spendesk V2”

  • Reach out to Agicap support team to get your API key.

    Agicap will then ask Spendesk to generate this API key. Once the API key is generated, you will be able to retrieve it from your Spendesk account on My profile.

    ↪️ please note: when AGICAP tells you that the key is generated, it can take up to 48h to be visible from My Profile on Spendesk. Once you get the API key, you should enter it into Agicap to activate the integration.

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