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👽 Download a filtered view on Spendesk
👽 Download a filtered view on Spendesk
Download lists of payments or payables that you need!
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Here are several types of exports that you might need and how to download them on Spendesk. Don't hesitate to check the Requests page, All payables page and All payments page to practice building reports! ✨

For example, Controllers might need to download invoices to pay (=that aren't marked as paid on Spendesk), Cost center owners might need to check their cost center's spending, etc.

Note: the All payables page remains the main reporting page as it includes all statuses of payments and bookkeeping. 🎉

Download filtered payments

I need to download a user's payments, made using a physical card between XX/XX/XXXX and XX/XX/XXXX.

2 possibilities:

➡️ Go to the Bookkeep > All payments tab. Filter "type = physical card" and "payer =..." then validate.

➡️ Go to Bookkeep > All payables tab. Filter by payment status, period and tick/download the payables. On excel or Numbers, filter by payer.

Here, we won't use the 'Requests' tab because we're looking for paid lines only.

Download filtered payables

I need a recap of all expense claims "approved by approvers and/or by finance teams" but not paid yet, for the Marketing Cost center.

2 possibilities:

➡️ Go to Bookkeep > All payables

➡️ Go to Requests >All requests, select the filters Type = expense claims, Status = Approved, Cost center = Marketing.

Download Requests

I need to download all requests that are Denied.

➡️ Go to Requests > All requests > Status = denied.

Tick the results and click on download.

Download receipts

I need all the receipts of the expense claims paid in the period of XX to XX

➡️ Go to Bookkeep > All Payments

Check the filter "Period ..." and "Type = expense claim".

Validate, tick the results, click on Download with receipts.

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