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💴 Download a confirmation of balance
💴 Download a confirmation of balance

Download an audit report

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Every year, auditors reach out to obtain a balance confirmation of your Spendesk account or entity account. 💰

This document (example here) is usually requested to confirm your balance on December 31st, but it can also be on another date.

To avoid any delay in handling this request, we now enable AOs and controllers to download a confirmation of balance from Spendesk! 💪

Where on Spendesk?

Go to Settings > Your wallet > Account statements > Confirmation of balance.

Select a date. Click on "Download". Done! 🚀

Who can download this confirmation balance?

Controllers or Account owners.

Which languages are available?

The document is available in French, English, German, Spanish and Italian.

The document is downloaded in the user's Spendesk language, but you can switch your product's language on your avatar > My profile page then switch it back if needed.

Which format?

Please see the example below for the content.

The download format will be PDF.

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