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With the integration between Spendesk and TravelPerk, employees will be able to book business trips seamlessly, avoiding duplicated approval flows and complex receipt collection processes. In the meantime, finance accountants will benefit from automated bookkeeping and reconciliation via Spendesk’s accounting exports.

This feature is available from the Scale billing plan onwards.

Which problem do we solve?

The existing processes to pay for business trips on TravelPerk via Spendesk are tedious as they involve duplicated approval flows, complex receipt collection, low visibility over who made the purchase, low budget control and cashflow management issues.

➡️ Spendesk has built an integration with TravelPerk that will automatically pull receipts for payments made with a Spendesk card using the instant payment option on TravelPerk.

How to use the integration?

  1. Connect to Spendesk, go to Settings>Integrations and activate the integration with TravelPerk.

2. Create a recurring card on your Spendesk account that will be used to book trips on TravelPerk.

3. Connect to TravelPerk and create a new payment profile with instant payment. Then, associate your Spendesk recurring card to this payment profile and allow one or several people to use it.

4. Anyone having access to this payment profile will be able to use it to book business trips on TravelPerk.

5. Once a business trip is approved, the payment will be processed with the Spendesk recurring card and the documentary evidence (receipt) will be automatically pulled into Spendesk(please allow 5 minutes for the sync).

The finance accountant can bookkeep this expense on Spendesk and export it to the company's accounting tool in seconds.

What are the benefits of this integration?

  • No more hassle of collecting receipts 🤞

  • Avoid duplicated approval flows 💪

  • Get a breakdown of expenses per trip in Spendesk and export separate journal entries per trip to your accounting tools later 🔖


Is it possible to edit the amount of a recurring card?

Yes, it is possible to add more money to a recurring card if the limit is reached.

Who can benefit from this integration?

Any company using TravelPerk with instant payment and Spendesk cards can benefit from this integration.

How does receipt collection work at the moment?

At the moment, the integration only retrieves receipts for "instant invoices".

If your TravelPerk invoice is monthly, then the current version of the integration does not add the receipt automatically.

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