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🚫 Restrict card access for specific members

Account owners and Admins can restrict physical and virtual cards for users if needed!

Updated over a week ago

You can now simultaneously limit the creation of new virtual cards and the use of a physical card! 🎉

❌ If you wish to limit access to Physical and Virtual cards for certain members within your company, you can easily do it by navigating to Settings> Members> Select the right member> Restrict cards access.

This feature will prevent this member from making any further purchases with their physical card and from creating any virtual card requests.

➡️ Note: Existing virtual card requests and virtual cards that have been already approved will not be impacted by this action and can still be used for payments.

✅ If you want to authorize these users back to request Virtual Cards and use their Physical Cards, you do so by navigating to Settings> Members> Select the right member> Allow cards access.

Remove access to already approved cards

Remember that if you don’t want users to use already approved virtual cards, these can be deleted by going to the Requests tab.

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